ZKasino Launches on Mainnet!

3 min readJan 23, 2023


We are excited to announce that ZKasino is officially live on mainnet! Our betting platform is now available for players to place bets on their favourite games using USDC on Polygon or BUSD on BNB Chain.

Play now at: https://play.zkasino.io/

To celebrate our launch, we are hosting a free-to-enter lottery with a chance to win up to $100K in prizes.

Deployment on Polygon and BNB Chain

ZKasino is now available on both Polygon and BNB Chain, allowing players to choose their preferred chain to play on. USDC is the bet currency on Polygon, while BUSD is used on BNB Chain.

Players will also need to have enough MATIC or BNB in their wallet to cover the gas fees, as transactions on ZKasino cost more than on other protocols due to the Chainlink VRF fee.

Security and Auditing

Our smart contracts have been thoroughly audited by the reputable CertiK and passed with flying colours. There are no security vulnerabilities in the smart contracts. This ensures that all the funds and data on ZKasino are safe and transparent.

Bankroll Management

Our bankroll has started with $100k on both chains. To ensure fairness and stability, max bets are capped using the Kelly criterion. More can be read about the application of Kelly criterion for our bankroll here: https://docs.zkasino.io/developer/kelly-based-bankroll-management

Overtime, this bankroll will increase and allow for bigger bets.

Keeping track of how much this bankroll increases will be an interesting metric to follow, especially for our upcoming token which will share this revenue. Bankroll liquidity providers and staked ZKasino token holders will capture the revenue the protocol generates.

High Gas Fees

Players may notice that gas fees per transaction are higher on ZKasino than other protocols. This is due to the Chainlink VRF fees being paid for with the native gas currency. Though, please note that the game contract returns a big part of the VRF fee back to the player. The VRF fee can only be calculated when the request is made, which is why the initial gas fee will seem higher than actually spent.

Around 80% of the proposed gas fee per transaction gets returned back to the player.

Game Contract returning VRF fee back to Player

We recommend keeping plenty of MATIC or BNB in your wallet and using multi-bets to reduce costs.

Future Gameplay Improvements

While our mainnet is safe to play, please note that it may not be as fast as we desire.

This will improve with the expansion on ZK-Rollups such as zkSync, StarkNet, zkBNB and zkEVM upon their release.

Betting smoothly without MetaMask confirmations is also coming soon.

Free-to-enter $100k Lottery

To celebrate our launch and our upcoming lottery game, we are hosting a:

💰Free-to-enter lottery for up to $100k in prizes!💰

Each $100 wagered will earn you a ticket.

The more volume wagered, the more tickets you will receive at the end of the 1-month lottery period.

The total size of this Powerball-style lottery will be dependent on the amount of volume. The total prize pool will grow as our volume increases during the 1-month period.

Make sure to get in on the action and increase your chances of winning BIG!

More details on how to claim your lottery tickets and when the draw is hold will be announced soon.

How To Play?

Ready to start playing on ZKasino?

Check out our “Getting Started” Guide for all the information you need to get set up and start winning big.

Join the Community

Our community Discord is the best place to join and give us your feedback on the mainnet. We want to make sure you have the best gaming experience possible.





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