ZKasino pre-audit by ChatGPT

ZKasino smart contracts review done through ChatGPT by OpenAI

├── CoinFlip.sol
├── Common.sol
├── Dice.sol
├── Mines.sol
├── Plinko.sol
├── RockPaperScissors.sol
├── Slots.sol
├── VideoPoker.sol
└── bankroll
├── facets
│ └── BankrollFacet.sol
├── libraries
│ └── LibStorage.sol
└── vendor
├── Diamond.sol
├── libraries
│ └── LibDiamond.sol
└── upgradeInitializers
└── DiamondInit.sol

Bankroll infrastructure

Infrastructure explained

Security issues in bankroll structure?

Diamond and BankrollFacet contracts

Diamond contract in detail

BankrollFacet explained

Access Controls

Game Contracts





Rock Paper Scissors


Conclusion on ChatGPT’s review

Currently live on testnet!



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